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American Association of University Women

Western Carolina University Branch

Meet The Board

Mickey Randolph. PhD.

 President, AAUW WCU

Professor, Psychology

"My best friend, Dr. Carol Burton, and I were walking and talking one day when we began discussing the possibility of restarting AAUW on our campus.  Both of us have an interest in issues impacting women and we thought this would be a great organization to unite the women at WCU to connect and discuss some common issues, provide some training opportunities and simply provide a means of support for female staff, students and faculty on campus.  I feel AAUW is an organization which provides so many opportunities for women from funding sources to educational and mentoring connections.  I also like the support offered for women at different stages of their careers."

Holli Stillman

Vice President, AAUW WCU

Administrative Support Specialist, Office of the Provost

"I joined the AAUW WCU board because I wanted a more active role in empowering women and girls. The networking and professional development opportunities have proved to be an additional benefit."

Dr. Carol Burton

Treasurer, AAUW WCU 

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at WCU

“The networking, advocacy for women and girls, and the opportunities for professional self-improvement are important reasons for my continuing involvement in AAUW!”

Adrienne Stuckey

Board Member, AAUW WCU 

Secretary for the NC AAUW Board

Assistant Professor, Inclusive & Special Education

"I want to be part of the work AAUW can do to support women from diverse backgrounds to navigate the intersectionality of their identities and thrive."

Dr. Allison Thorp

Board Member, AAUW WCU 

Director of Choral Activities and Assistant Professor of Music

David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts

"AAUW was an important support network for me when I first arrived to WCU as a new professor.  I enjoyed then and continue to enjoy the opportunities that AAUW provides including workshops, mentoring, and a chance to meet other women from all across campus.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any possible collaborations with the arts – I am always happy to discuss!"

Lacey Rutherford

Communications Officer, AAUW WCU 

"I originally joined AAUW for the scholarship opportunities but then fell in love with the organization. My passion for empowering other women, advocating for others, and improving my knowledge of the world around me has grown and flourished because of my involvement in AAUW."


Dr. Katie Pincura

Board Member, AAUW WCU 

Professor, School of Health Sciences

"I joined AAUW because I want to contribute to the crucial work being done by the organization to support, empower, and advocate for the interests of university women."

Theresa “Teri” Domagalski, Ph.D.

Board Member, AAUW WCU 

Professor of Management

Provost Fellow for Faculty Relations 

"I am passionate about supporting women who want to make a difference in their careers and their communities.  The educational, economic, and leadership issues that comprise AAUW’s priorities are also mine, so being a member is a natural fit for me."

Yue  Hillon

Board Member, AAUW WCU 

Professor, Management

“My academic career from student to professor would never have been possible without the many kind mentors who encouraged and challenged me along the way. I treasure their support and work hard to pay it forward. AAUW is a network of professional women who share this genuine care to help each other succeed.”

Autumn James

Student Representative, AAUW WCU Board

President of RSO

Nia Blackwell

Student Representative, AAUW WCU Board

Vice President of RSO

"I joined AAUW to help empower other women and make a difference in all the women or other parties lives that would like  join our organization. I love community service and give back to my community where I can."

Jada Da Rosa

Student Representative, AAUW WCU Board

RSO Board Member

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